What’s Your Personal Tax History with the IRS

The dreaded season is on us! NO! Not Christmas! It’s Tax Season: that wonderful time of year when we examine our finances of the prior year and steel ourselves to pay taxes to Uncle Sam. It’s NEVER fun, but it’s a duty and obligation of our citizenship.

tax preparation services

Before you file your 2020 return, you may want to look back on your tax history with the IRS. 

Want to know what the IRS knows about you? You have worked for a long time and the IRS has kept track of you through the years – kind of like your mother! They know a lot, like your earnings and tax payment history, whether you have any unpaid taxes and the status of economic impact payments. It’s smart to know what they know! 

tax preparation services

As a taxpayer, you can view your account online to see:

Any amount you owe from previous tax years

Your payment history

Your Economic Impact Payments, if any


You can also:

Make a payment online

See payment plan options

Access your tax records

To create or view your account, click here



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