My career has given me incredible business experience, including retail, wholesale, real estate, commercial finance, investment trusts, sports venues, medical professionals, transportation companies, and non profit corporations. 

Bookkeeping has always been easy for me and I’ve had the privilege of working with attorneys and accountants who continued to perfect my understanding and skills.

ETC is 10 years old. I opened my business while living in another state, and my clients followed me to Texas. Clients have come and gone as their needs dictated, but I have a devoted group of clients who comprise my bedrock. ‚ÄčAs much as I love my loyal customers, I enjoy my new clients, because they continue to teach me about their business and how they judge success.

I’ve recently incorporated and I’m adding services that make sense for my existing and potential clients. I enjoy working with clients’ accountants to handle the routine bookkeeping tasks, and to expedite communication.

Nothing is more important to me than my good name and reputation for honesty, compassion and confidentiality. I apply a fiduciary mentality to my business ethics and trust my clients to be honest with me for the best results.

My children and grandchildren give me great pleasure and reason to work hard to model the kind of life that was modeled for me by my parents and grandparents.

I can help you by offering a free 30-minute consultation to determine if my services can be helpful to you.